Pocket Daily Prayer (Android)

Support for other devices coming soon. Ourladyoffatima

This application allows you to create your own prayer lists from nearly one hundred Traditional Catholic prayers, including the Rosary, and includes the audio for each prayer. It is designed for people who like to listen to prayer falling asleep, or those who are infirm, fearful, suffering oppression, or lonely. You can choose to repeat the list and sleep through the night to prayer.

You can learn more about it over at the Google Play Store.

A Note on Quality

Please wait for the update.

After recording and editing nearly two thousand files, we are not happy with the audio quality, despite using a professional microphone, recording late at night, and extensive editing. We will re-record all the prayers once again, this time in a professional studio. Hopefully we should be able to release an update in early April. In the meantime, if you keep the volume down a little, some prayers are tolerable. As this is a large download (50MB) you might be best waiting until it is updated.

Video Guide to Pocket Daily Prayer