Posted by David Harper on March 16 at 12:45 AM

There are many excellent resources available for studying the perennial wisdom of St. Thomas and the Scholastics, these are my favourites:

Brother Francis's Complete Course on Philosophy

The late Brother Francis Maluf's lectures are available for purchase at the St. Augustine Institute of Catholic Studies. He has many series available, but the best is his complete course of philosophy available here. These lectures are simply amazing.

Aquinas School of Philosophy

Second only to Brother Francis, the lectures of Dr. Dennis Bonnette and the late Dr. Raphael Waters are available for purchase here.

Aquinas Alive

John Vennari's highly recommended gentle introduction to Thomism, Aquinas Alive, is available here.

New Saint Thomas Aquinas Institute

Dr. Taylor Marshall teaches Thomism at his website here.

Edward Fesar

Edward Feser's books are fantastic. His website and blog can be accessed here.